SFI frp gutters can be standard size and customized sizes built as per specifications in different colour shades. The rain water gutters that are best alternatives for traditional M.S. /a.c Gutters used in industrial buildings. It is a corrosion resistant and all weather proof. It is easy and quick to install. It reduces the structural cost to a large extent because it is light weight. We make them in different profiles. There is a step at the end of every gutter where in the one by one gutter would be seated maintaining uniform smooth surface at the joints.

The down take pipe would be a length of 200mm with diameters of 100mm or 150mm as required by the client, to which PVC pipes are fixed to maintain continuity. The length of all the gutters would be of 1, 3, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5 meters and different colour shades and different profiles. We provide matching accessories in the form of down takes, stop ends & cross-joints. The chemical resistance low maintenance as well long lasting performance. Frp gutters depend on the resin systems used which can be customized.